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02/04/2003 - What a tumultuous period it has been and a lot of things have changed for MAPSU since it was founded.  After a flurry of publicity, MAPSU has grown immensely, and has appeared on Dutch radio this summer, and more recently, on German television!  Learn more here.

01/14/2003 - Came across a product that is so antithetical to our mission, that it might be called the antimapsu.  What would make someone want to pay $10, get on his knees, and install a glow-in-the-dark ring of adhesive INSIDE their toilet?  It's probably intense homophobia, but regardless of the motivation, would you want a groggy redneck pissing in your toilet with the light off, jonnyglow or not?  The product is sold on their website.

08/11/2000 - MAPSU website goes live.   As MAPSU grows here is where you will find all the announcements and all the news on latest MAPSU happenings.  As for now all we can tell you is that we are VERY excited about the launching of this website and the impact we are making in today's society.  Stay tuned for more.

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