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MAPSU Approved Sites

You may contact the to exchange links.  Please have your link set up in advance.

Hikers Against Doo-Doo - Our sister site.

Vote For - Napoleon Dynamite Tees... "Vote for Pedro," "Your MOM goes to college" and more.

Weird Books @ - A collection of books with preposterous, pretentious, absurd, ridiculous, off-beat, and just plain lame titles.

The T-Shirt Blog - The best & funniest t-shirts on the internet.

The M.A.P.S.U. Store - Buy clothing and all sorts of other merchandise.

MAPSU on German TV

T-Shirt Links - A directory of online T-Shirt stores.

Qyrann - Online multiplayer strategy game.

Soccer Shirts - If you loved the World Cup, check this site out.

Made In Compton - Purchase authentic Compton gear, Compton t-shirts and hats.

Vote for Mapsu at:

Stilerank - come see the full range of what the Internet has to offer all on one site.

Nokia Ringtones

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