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Any feedback, comments, questions, complaints, suggestions, and iquiries regarding MAPSU, our mission, and our website are welcome and appreciated.  Please direct all correspondence to

We've decided to publish feedback we've received in order to foster further dicussion.

From: Brendan C
Subject: Suggestion

How about a "letters from our readers" section?  I'll bet there's some
good stuff.


MAPSU Responce: Good idea, Brendan.  Here it is.

From: Matze
Subject: Just a little fact

I know that I can better pee if I will stand up.

I worked at an hospital in an urology ďareaĒ

And I tested how my bladder gets empty if I am standing or sitting.

I tested the urine flow with an UroFlow-tester. (more than once)

In fact itís better for men (or me) to stand up!


So think about train your men how to clean!

Itís better, believe me. And if it works with cleaning the toilet, you can show him how to clean the kitchen.

But let the men pee how they want to; if itís better while standing, let they know where the cleaner is.


And another fact: In the most public toilets it seems like the women canít sit down. Ask public toiletcleaners about it.


Stand up

(for your rights)

MAPSU Responce: We at MAPSU are always open to sensible counterpoints.  We'd like to see a formal submission of your experiment for further review.  I think this calls for further double blind testing with multiple subjects.

From: Ascona
Subject: Question

What is your take on womens toilet stance?  stand or sit?

MAPSU Responce: Thanks for the question.  Sit of course.  If it ain't broken... .

From: Brian G
Subject: hi

You people are retards.  This is the most idiotic cause I have ever seen in my life.  Get a life.

MAPSU Responce: A somewhat common, denial driven reaction to our website.  Unfortunately there is little we can say in responce.

From: David and Dajana
Subject: Check your site


Your web site was shown on German Television and many think it's great.  One
problem is on the page (
<> ) the text that is show when you rest your
courser over the  ribbon for your "Yellow Ribbon Campaign" shows: Mothers
Against Peeing Sitting Down.  Someone may have tampered with the text.

Great job.

MAPSU Responce: Thank you very much.  The problem has been fixed.  I hope it wasn't a Freudian slip.

From: Sean S
Subject: please, tell me this is a joke.

It's a joke, right?  RIGHT?

MAPSU Responce: If you have to contact the owners of a website asking them if it's a joke or not, it probably isn't.

From: Mark I
Subject: It is really your fault

If you had surcumsized your children then they wouldn't have that mess. 
Having all that extra skin on the penis gets in the way of the spraying and
causes it to go everywhere.

And don't think that we (men) don't know what you are trying to do here.  By
trying to convert us to sit down it means that the seat will most likely stay
down instead of up.


MAPSU Responce: First of all, performing surgery for the sake of something as trivial as this is very irresponsible and unwise.  Circumcision is a very dangerous procedure and is largery accepted as harmful.

If you HADN'T gotten yourself or your child circumcised you would have know that that doesn't have anything to do with spraying.  Fragmentation occurs because of gravity, air resistance, and other properties of physics.

We think that the toilet seat should remain in the position used, up or down.  That is the most efficient arrangement.

From: Cody B
Subject: HAHAHAHA!

This is great, this is so hillarious, its almost as good as but not as good, next time have some funny music and crazy pictures. more jokes and content. maybe a better forum where people can critisize you so that you can get more viewers. my mom thought your site was a great joke, keep up the good work.

MAPSU Responce: We're glad that you and your mom liked our website.  However, is an infantile, amateurish website that makes little or no sense.

From: Zach M

I am glad i have found this site. Now i will make it a
point to pee on every toilet seat that i come across
so as to anger you. thank you for your time.

MAPSU Responce: Again, this will not anger us.  First of all, we will never know if you ever do soil a toilet on purpose, and secondly, the problem is yours, not ours.  Angering others, and disrespecting their work and property will only negatively impact your life.

From: Girlshateme
Subject: just a msg from a guy...

I dont really care if i get pee on the toilet... you know why?  Because if i do, i just pull off some toilet paper, and wipe it off, its just urine, and its sterile for a time after leaving the body, so its not like its a big deal.  The clencher is i dont wash afterwards... i mean the toilet paper is clean and urine being sterile....  Maby all this energy should be focused towards something useful, like a web-site that is agianst idiots who turn, without using blinkers. When i get that cowpusher, attatched to the front of my truck, you wont see me slamming on my breaks anymore.

MAPSU Responce: Haha, maybe THAT'S why girls hate you!

All kidding aside, sure, your approach works.  You make a mess, you clean it up.  How about not making a mess in the first place?  And the argument about urine being sterile is pretty irrelevant.  It's sterile when it's IN YOUR BODY; once it's on the toilet it cakes and stinks.  Ever smell stale urine?

From: Jake W
Subject: Yellow Ribbon

I'm sure you've heard this already but the yellow ribbon has desginated
suicide pevention for the last twenty years. Your cause pales in comparison.
Also urine is a sterile substance that cannot cause any sort of sanitation
hazard other the visual recognition.


Jake W

MAPSU Responce: Helping people in distress is a great cause.  Suicides end lives, ravage families and cause immense amounts of grief.  Every 25 minutes a male commits suicide in the US.

MAPSU is committed to improving lives through educating the public on the importance of peeing standing up.  We have helped thousands of people take better control of their lives, improve their relationship, and increase self esteem.

Our Yellow Ribbon Campaign is a slightly different shade of yellow from the suicide prevention folks.

From: Ron K
Subject: A counter-point

perhaps the solution isn't to sit down, but to stand up??


MAPSU Responce: This isn't exactly a counter point.   While there is some value in being able to pee standing up in such situations where there is no toilet, this is pretty useless.  I think that women should spend their idle energy thinking about how to better fulfill male sexual needs, not trying to learn now to urinate standing.


From: Matthew P
Subject: What??????????

If you all are so against peeing standing up the How the heck do you explain this: Oh and by the way if your husband brother or sun has that much of a problem with aim then tell him to take his thumb off the end! Come on is this really a serious site? For the love of God you canít honestly be this stupid!



MAPSU Responce: If you wanna see something honestly stupid, go to that website, and look at the pictures of the device.  Again, peeing standing up is useful in some circumstances, but this is just another commercial company trying to get rich off you.

From: tim r
Subject: what????

I have better things to do then to visit your site . here is to woman
peeing  standing up. you squat on your brain every time you seat down .
have a nice 2003

MAPSU Responce: We have better things to do than respond to your email.  Really, we do.

From: Richard L.
Subject: what????

Dear Sir or Madam,

reading your internet site "MAPSU" I have got the prooven idea of right pointing the peeing flow direct into the siphon. Prooven, because I've tested the sprinkling of my urine flow with short jeans and I recognized that there was no feelable sprinkling if it meets the siphon. Spreading that could be the further aim of your organization.

Best regards

Georg L.

MAPSU Responce: The debate at MAPSU is attracting international scholars.  Fantastic!

From: Myron
Subject: Just take it ez...

Dude peeing while standing is like horse racing betting you just have to get a good start out of the gate. And run hard until the finish!

MAPSU Responce: Thanks for the advice chief! We'll be sure to pass it on to our receptive audience.

From: Dave D
Subject: my two cents

as a guy locked in a chastity device who must pee sitting down-i think all
men should be locked up so they also have to pee sitting. Love the site!

MAPSU Responce: We're very happy to have support from cuckolded segment of the population.


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